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The resource directory is constantly growing. The V.C.C. along with its veterans contribute to every resource submitted.

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How We Can Help

Our Guiding Pillars

Our primary goal is to educate and provide resources to further the interest of all veterans. Our guiding pillars below are examples of how we help all aspects of veterans business and personal lives.


Government certifications for contracting at the city, county, state and federal levels. Financial tools, matchmaking, capability statements...


Providing Trade Skills to High level technical skills. Our learning management system is available via desktop or iOS & Android mobile app.


Physical & mental health resources, homeless, respite & caregiving services...


Family services, residential and housing services, caregiving, camps for kids...


Services include employment opportunities, job placement, workforce development, resume building and more...


From veteran discounts to free road bikes, our resources extend beyond the first five pillars.

Our Courses

From business education to navigating the VA benefits, our courses will help you to further develop your knowledge, skills and abilities. Courses are released regularly and we are open to suggestions for new topics. If we don’t have an expert with the knowledge on staff, we will find a professional that does!


Read. Watch. Listen.


Join a community of other veterans, business owners and supporters as we help each other with questions relating to business and life in general.


The Veterans Chamber of Commerce is the leading source of breaking news, business, education, wellness, and more for the veteran community.


Our podcast is a combination of references, business case studies and information for veterans and the business world.


Business Directory

Our business directory is populated with all of the Veterans Chamber of Commerce members, but also other veteran owned businesses across the country.

Reference Directory

Our reference directory houses a spectrum of veteran friendly programs. From well-known government funded programs to the, “I heard it from a veteran buddy of mine”  type of program, we aim to add all resources to this directory.

The Veteran & Family

A strong personal and life makes for a solid foundation for a business to grow. 

Veteran Wellness

Resources for mental and physical health. Reach out to us directly for guidance!

Veteran's Family

Learn about programs for you and your family.

Job Seekers &

From apprenticeships and on the job training, to immediate hires: The V.C.C.’s first goal is to make an economical impact by placing 1000 veterans into successful careers in Southern California.




Mission & Vision

The Veterans Chamber of Commerce mission is to offer all military veterans the support, resources and education that will further develop their business and personal lives.

It is our vision that all 19mm+ veterans will be connected to every resource available to them and to their business.

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