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Why several vets came together to create the Veterans Chamber of Commerce...

The veteran community needs help. Many of us know this first hand. So, a few friends put our heads together around the idea that we could not only help, but also help those who want to help others. That led to the creation of Veterans Chamber of Commerce. Here's where we are today. Click here.

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When you join Veterans Chamber of Commerce, several things happen: you support our efforts to grow veteran-owned businesses through leads and contracts. When we grow a vet-business, it creates jobs specifically for veterans, which helps us keep our brothers and sisters from the struggle of reintegrating into civilian life. 

Big News for Veteran Owned Business

We Seek Your Support! 

We are a one year old organization, but already we've helped more than 100 veteran-owned businesses. We're growing and need funds to scale our day-to-day operation. Every dollar helps. Thank you in advance.


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